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What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is about making improvements and changes so that you and your business can continually grow and perform at a much higher efficiency level. The areas of growth apply to both personal and business levels. Business coaching will help improve the yield out of time, resources and investments. Though business coaching is regularly used when companies aren't performing well, its extremely beneficial when companies are successfully operate as it will help further growth.
The business coaching process will identify areas for improvement by asking questions that will help clarify the deficiencies and then identifies the most effective way forward. A plan of action is then formulated for the business owner to put into practice and follow on regular basis. Coaching is an action-orientated process whereas the coach helps the coachee to identify what is to be done.
During the process of business coaching and during the training period, the coach will provide guidance, support and motivation, new skills may be introduced and existing ones developed further. The overall aim of business coaching is always focused on empowering, enabling growth, increased productivity efficiency in order to make the business more successful and subsequently, the business owner fulfilled.
Business coaching will cover all aspects of running a successful business such as leadership, target achievement, sales, marketing, communication skills, planning, accountability, financial literacy, management, team building and much more. This will help business owners and managers to realize their own and the business growth potential and to identify goals, while providing the support that people and organizations require to achieve them. The role of business coaching is to help one realize what one wants to achieve, discover the best way to achieve them and to provide the necessary support and encouragement.
By practicing the above, businesses will operate more competitively and effectively, the management will feel successful for having formulated a plan or strategy, identifying the steps required and application of those steps to succeed in reaching their targets.
People and businesses benefit from business coaching in numerous ways, from one on one coaching, workshops and seminars, group coaching to books/articles/blogs that take a coaching approach. Choosing the right option will depend on the willingness in practice to invest time and resources to make the changes and improvements.

Business coaching versus mentoring

A Mento is a person who has had personal experiences in applying certain methods and is willing to share them. A business coach may from time to time include some mentoring in the coaching process if they have some specific areas of expertise.

One on One Business Coaching

As in athletic and sports coaching where it involves planning, strategizing and discussing the ways to win games by performing at their best, business coaches focus on the people or business needs and offer objective views and different perspectives for improgvement.
This is called Collaborative Partnership, offering support, encouragement and a flexible structure in which people will achieve more than if they were on their own. This is a unique and ongoing relationship which focuses on the individuals and what they desire to achieve most. The approach is holistic in that it develops the whole person - emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually.
The role of the business coach is to keep the coaching focused on clearly defined goals, challenging thinking, beliefs and assumptions and offering constructive feedback in order to keep the people on defined track. During the coaching process, the business owner is solely responsible for considering and finding ways in dealing with potential obstacles, reporting their progress and for taking the necessary actions to effect the desired change.