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What do we do?

CDI Marketing and Advertising Agency,

is a full service integrated Marketing, Advertising and Creative Boutique, offering sophisticated and intelligent strategies. Creativity that helps businesses succeeds in a rapidly changing world. CDI is dedicated to the marketing process, and simply put; we help businesses sell more products and services to more customers at higher profitability. Our solutions will be innovative, effective and classic, but not typical, and this makes our Creative Boutique very special. Whether you draw upon our expertise in conventional or technology initiatives, advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, public relations or media, our purpose remains the same. To create a powerful marketing message that reaches the hearts and minds of the people you need to influence.

What's in a name?
When that name is CDI Marketing and Advertising Agency, a lot!

Since 1982, CDI has maintained the highest standards in advertising, marketing and public relations. Those standards are rooted in our commitment to developing solutions designed to generate an impact that makes our clients happy.

What is our Mission?

Our mission is to deliver the expertise, experience and enthusiasm that will create the most successful solutions and strategies to sell more of your products and services. Therefore we are confident you will find our agency's high standards and strong capabilities to be compatible with your sales, marketing and communications goals.

Are we right for your company?

Maybe. You're not interested in any old agency, and In fact, if the synergy's not there, we'll be the first to say so, and will even help you in finding a more suitable direction. But if you have the inclination for pushing the creative edge, CDI is very likely the perfect partner for your company, since everything we do is designed to build traffic and get results.

Are we the largest?

Not at all, but we do offer large-agency capabilities. Our consultants actually interface with our clients to develop more effective marketing plans, which will result in successful advertising and public relation campaigns.