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Are you ready to start making money through your on-line store?

Why go to the mall when you can shop online?


✓ Advanced Customizable Ecommerce Solutions.
✓ Content Management Systems
✓ Real-time Reporting for on-line Inventory, Order Management and Sales.
✓ Improve Accuracy, Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction
✓ Easy Access to Your Online store, Anytime, Anywhere.
✓ Unlimited products and categories
✓ Accept online and off-line payments
✓ Multi currencies supported
✓ Inventory control
✓ No HTML programming required
✓ Search Engine Optimized(SEO)
✓ Advanced Pricing Rules and support for Special Prices
✓ Images for Products
✓ Suggest Items to Increase Sales
✓ Track Customer Purchases
✓ Save Important Customer Data
✓ Secure online Payment system
✓ Easy to use purchase
✓ ... and much more


Complete On-Line Store, Sales and Inventory Control

There are no easier or more efficient means of attracting customers to your business than the Internet. To be able to compete, companies need to know all about E-Commerce solutions. E-Commerce requires an integrated approach, combining customer service, marketing, shop design, logistics, and financial services.
People are ever so increasingly referring to the Internet to complete their everyday objectives, including shopping for their requirements online. E-Commerce permits companies to compete with their competitors for a larger share of the market as geographic locations do not limit businesses that explore markets previously beyond their reach. E-Commerce will take your business global and to new heights.
At CDI Marketing and Advertising Agency, we specialize in building cutting-edge solutions, effective. High quality, secure and fully customizable E-Commerce solutions that are easy to use and maintain and will provide the necessary functionality to successfully operate an on-line store that meets your unique business requirements and will surely facilitate in driving traffic to your site to promote sales and growth.

Payment Gateways

CDI is proudly to offer the following payment gateways and payment service providers to process transactions at your e-commerce store. We have prepared all the back-end integration for you, so that you can concentrate on building your e-commerce store and growing your e-business.

Add Analytics and In-bound Marketing for improved and increased sales

Information is Power and with improved analytics, it can determined how customers behave and where they accessing your online store. Armed with this information, products and promotions can be easily influenced and customized to maximize return on investment (ROI). What is the conversion rate, why do customers abandon purchasing and What is your bounce rate? How much time do users spend online and on each page? All of these concerns will be addressed and acted upon to improve and increase your sales.
Expand your brand presence, Increase your visibility in Search, and Transform visitors into loyal customers with our cutting-edge SEO and in-bound marketing plans.

What products can I sell online?

Your products must be legal for sale in all states, provinces, territories and countries where you accept customers. The following products CANNOT be sold:
•Pornography and Adult Content - Sites may NOT contain any nudity, web cams or links to pornographic sites.
•Child Pornographic related - no child pornography of any kind is tolerated.
•Software and Music Piracy related
•Sites that Promote Hatred, Racism or Religious Persecution.
•Hacking Related - Any product or service enabling circumvent locks, programming codes or security features.
•"Money Making Schemes", e.g. Matrix, Multi-level Marketing, Get-Paid-for-Surveys, Home Mailing etc.
•Anything related to illegal activity - Firearms, Ammunition, High Capacity Magazines, Tasers, Air Guns.
•Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco Products or Tobacco Substitutes.
•Prescription Drugs,Controlled Substances, Unapproved Drugs.
•Any site with a Lottery, Raffle, or Contest.